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Storage spaces start from as low as $25 per week for a space about the size of a telephone booth. The biggest spaces are the size of a garage and there are many different sized units in between. To find out what units best suits your need, visit Size Estimator page

Yes, Of course!. Self Storage is a temporary or long term solution for your storage space needs. Self Storage provide flexible solutions which you can use to solve any space problem you have including creating a cost effective closet , a space to start a e-commerce business, a place to protect your furniture during renovations and so on. To reserve your storage unit, click here.

Self-storage units are used for extra space when your current place of residence or business doesn’t have enough space to do any business. It can also be used for safekeeping for vintage things, given that it is optimised for such use.

Self Storage is popular because it is affordable and flexible and is available at any time seven days a week for you to rent just what you need when you need it for as long as you need it.

The minimum period of rental is one month.

Your rental unit can be accessed using your assigned security access code between 5.00am and 12.00am, seven days a week.

All you will need to pay is your first month’s rent plus a one time administrative fee $21.40.A padlock is also required.

All customers pay at least one month in advance on the anniversary of their move in. We do not refund partial unused months.
If you know your move out date before your anniversary, we can pro rate your rental forward accordingly.

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