Moving your packages to a secure self-storage unit is fairly easy to do. However, knowing how to secure your valuables is the difficult part. You’ll have to leave your items in a safe position before you leave the unit. Eventually, it’ll have to boil down to choosing which material is more suitable for protection. Cardboard or plastic?

These two items are ideally used for securing valuables. Both cardboard boxes and plastic containers are good choices when you’re going to move your items, but each of them has pros and cons of their own.

Know which one’s worth investing if you decide to move your packages in a self-storage unit. Cardboard boxes or plastic containers? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of both choices.

Cardboard box

The cardboard box is a common choice. Any storage company in Singapore can sell you cardboard boxes. There are many reasons why cardboard boxes are worth using. Discover more about cardboard boxes and decide if it’s the perfect choice for your valuables.


  • Availability – As previously mentioned, cardboard boxes are common. You can purchase them at storage companies or recycle old boxes at home.
  • Eco-friendly – Cardboard materials are much more friendly to the environment compared to plastic. You can even re-use your boxes for other various purposes.
  • Variety of sizes – Each cardboard box comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you require small or large boxes, the right cardboard box can accommodate your preferred size.
  • Stackable – The flexibility and malleability of cardboard boxes allow themselves to be stacked on top of one another. Their snugly fit makes it a viable choice to take less space in a storage unit.


  • Susceptible to critters– Cardboard boxes are prone to insects and bugs. Pests can gnaw on your cardboard boxes. This is a liability which could compromise the condition of your items.
  • Time-consuming – Having to cover the entire cardboard box with packaging tape is time-consuming. What’s worse is having to open the entire box once more.
  • Damage-prone – Cardboard boxes are weak by nature. This downside can be harmful to your items if they’re kept in for too long.

Plastic container

Plastic containers are just as good as cardboard boxes, if not better. Of course, there are some flaws to look out for. Find out if plastic containers are worth your time by knowing the pros and cons.


  • Better protection – As a material, plastic is much more resistant to pests and water. This makes plastic containers a viable choice for protecting your valuables.
  • Easy to access – Unlike cardboard boxes, you won’t have to seal your plastic containers with packaging tape. Open the top, place your items, then pop the top back in. Once your plastic container is secured, it’s good to go.
  • Visibility – While plastic containers come in many colours and designs, they usually come in transparent materials. This makes it easier to spot your items in one glance.


  • Costly – Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers are much more expensive. They’re also not as common as cardboard boxes.
  • Not as snugly – Plastic containers are not as malleable or snugly as cardboard boxes. This makes it harder for plastic containers to fit on top of one another.


Plastic containers are better suited for long-term protection, but they’re also costly as they lack the availability of cardboard materials. On the other hand, cardboard boxes are widespread, making it a financially wise choice to pick cardboard instead.

In the end, the choice is ultimately yours. Both items serve their uses in proper fashion. Set out your priorities and decide if a cardboard box or plastic container is your choice.

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