Its Christmas again.

For your perfect christmas this year, find out how a simple self storage unit can resolve all your christmas woes and the top reasons why self storage unit gets rent out just before christmas.

1. Christmas Decorations.




Christmas tree, ornaments and lightings. All these decoration take up space and you only need them once a year. With a storage unit, you can store them in a unit and minimize clutter at home. With proper organisation and storage, your christmas decorations goes a long way. An artificial Christmas tree looks just as good every year and you can reuse them time and again

2. Christmas gifts



This is the time of the year your friends and family come over for partying and gathering. Christmas surprises are inevitable. Bikes, toys, gadgets, clothes, perfumes, games, bottles. By 25th December, it must be wrapped with a tag and kept under your Christmas tree.
Your storage unit will probably be the best place for you to hid your presents before Christmas is here. shh.

3. Playing host

Playing hosts to our families at Christmas is common. Some stay for the day, others arrive on the 24th and leave few days later. No matter how long it is, bags and belongings need a space. Your guests needs a space to sit and mingle too.
If you want your family to have a good impression of your home, especially new home, declutter to create space in a storage unit.

End of the day, its about understanding your needs and finding a service that caters to your needs.
A no contractual month to month storage, no deposit with easy access is probably the storage provider that fits the bill.