Having a newborn is a fresh entry to another day in the life of a parent. While having a baby at home can spark joy in life, it can certainly also bring a lot of stress too. You’ll encounter many challenges along the way that will test your wits and problem-solving skills. One of the problems you might face is finding room for your new baby to fit in.

If you have a baby coming your way soon, it’s best to prepare and make room by planning ahead of time. Make some preparations and rent your very own personal storage unit in Singapore. Doing so will provide you with a lot of benefits, especially when you need more room for your new baby.

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  1. Avoid cluttering (as this creates negativity)

Messy homes are not a good sight to see. By renting a personal storage unit, you can create a lot of space at home by moving your items for safekeeping.

Not sure which items need securing and which ones need disposing of? As Marie Kondo said: “Keep only those things that speak to your heart.”

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For items that have sentimental value and spark joy, keep them in your personal storage unit. Items that have sentimental value such as gifts, scrapbooks, and favourite antiques should be protected at your self-storage unit.

As for items that need disposing of, these are the ones that bring negativity. Any items that give you bad vibes such as broken mirrors, artificial plants, and useless clothes need to be given away or disposed of.


  1. A safe baby is a happy baby

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Keeping your baby safe does not only spark joy for yourself but for the baby as well. Declutter the entire room and ensure your baby is safe at all times by babyproofing each wall and corner.

Get rid of any unnecessary items that could cause harm to your baby. Anything sharp, blunt, and potentially dangerous to the welfare of your baby should be moved to a secure location or thrown away.


  1. Clean your home for a happier environment

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The best thing about renting a storage unit is being able to move any unnecessary items at home for safekeeping. With a clearer sight of your home’s interior, you can finally determine which areas at home require intense cleaning. This creates a joyful environment for you and your baby.

4. Organise your baby’s toys


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The bread and butter of children are the toys they play with. However, if the toy does not spark joy, your child will not be pleased. Find out which of your baby’s toys bring out joy. After finding out which toys need to be taken off your baby’s hands, you can handle this in two ways: donate them or secure them in a personal storage unit.

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