Mandarin Self Storage is a fully integrated owner, operator and manager of multiple self storage properties in the Asia Pacific region.

Mandarin Self Storage was founded in 2016 to capitalise on the emerging trend of self storage in Asia. The Company is headquartered in Singapore.

Mandarin Self Storage believes the best way to serve the interest of our shareholders, customers and employees; is to own the real estate in which we operate our business. This philosophy provides a secure platform to create a long term sustainable, highly successful business.

Mandarin Self Storage is actively partnering in strategic joint ventures. These partnerships allow Mandarin Self Storage to grow our presence in the Asia Pacific region. To find out more about our joint venture opportunities, please contact us.



Mandarin Self Storage is owned by the second generation of the Miller Family. The Millers established their first Self Storage facility in Sydney in 1978 called Mini Storage Pyrmont, Mini Storage Pyrmont was one of the first stand-alone Self Storage businesses in Australia.

In 1980 the first Millers Self Storage facility was developed in the Sydney suburb of Tempe. Other facilities soon followed in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Millers Self Storage acquired and developed drive-up style properties and converted old multi-level industrial, manufacturing, office and warehouse buildings into Self Storage. At its time of sale, Millers Self Storage was one of the largest Self Storage companies in Australia.

Millers Self Storage took an innovative approach to creating awareness of this niche alternative real estate sector. Millers were the first to adopt a mass market television campaign to promote the business. We were also the first to brand our buildings. We adopted the colour orange as a part of our corporate branding and proceeded to paint all our buildings orange. Millers Self Storage became synonymous for its orange buildings. You could say the mandarin orange colour we use today has always bought ourselves and our customers good fortune, luck and prosperity!

In 2004, Millers Self Storage was sold to its competitor Kennard’s Self Storage and now forms a key part of this business.

The second generation of the Miller Family, Angus Miller, was the CEO at Millers Self Storage, at the time of sale. Under his four year tenure at helm, the business grew from 12 properties to 24.

Being a leader in the self storage industry in Asia Pacific, Mr Miller strongly believes in, “Sticking to what you know.”

In 2007, Mr. Miller saw an opportunity in Asia, and independently, raised capital to commence a new self storage business, Big Orange Self Storage in Singapore and Hong Kong. Using orange colours, and catchy branding never seen before in the region, Big Orange became one of the biggest Self Storage companies in Asia by value, and was successfully sold to Capitaland in 2013.



In 2016, Mr. Miller, founded Mandarin Self Storage. With his extensive experience in the storage business, his mission is to provide the most proven self storage solutions to the Asia Pacific region. By adding benefits for the customers like co-working and event spaces, Mandarin is one of the first few in the world in the self storage business to do so. This provides a compelling reason for all business customers from all stages to continue with Mandarin. Customers can now store, co-work and host their events at Mandarin Self Storage.