Designer collections: How to properly store your luxury handbags and other collectibles

Being a collector of luxury items can be frustrating. Once you’ve gathered too many valuables at home, it can be stressful to put them in their right place. Don’t overcrowd your home full of clothes, bags, and accessories because they can mess up your household in the long run!

One immediate solution to such problem is renting a self-storage space in Singapore for the right price. In doing so, you’ll be able to declutter your home and store your prized possessions in the meantime.

Storing your items in a self-storage unit is merely a temporary solution in decluttering your home. Moving your collectables to a storage unit is the beginning. How you’ll preserve their quality is up to you.

1.Know which bags make you happy


 Sometimes we have too many items at home because we forget about the value of each item we buy. If we overcrowd our home with excess valuables, we tend to lose the sense of each item’s practical value. This is why we should learn which collectables are worth storing and which ones are worth disposing of.

First, know which items make you happy. If you have a favourite handbag in your collection that you need to preserve in the meantime, then include it in your self-storage unit.

On the other hand, if you have handbags that don’t require your attention any more, dispose of them. Dispose of them by donating or selling them for a price. Not only will you be saving a lot of space for your self-storage unit, but you’ll also make someone happy by giving/selling them a handbag

2. Utilise a storage unit

A storage unit can do wonders for your handbags. Renting a personal storage unit is the best and wisest decision you can invest in if protecting your handbag is your priority.

For starters, storage units with air conditioner works the best. They have air conditioned units that has controlled temperature, meaning your handbags can be preserved in a storage unit at just the right temperature. This way, the humidity is perfect for your handbags’ quality material.


3.Use high-quality material protection

Home-made cleaning agents aren’t recommended for expensive handbags. They can cause even more harm if they’re used wrongly. Instead, invest in high-quality material protection products specifically made for different materials such as fabric, suede, and leather. Buy from reliable brands to ensure your handbags are guaranteed protected.

4.Properly store your handbags

If you truly want to prolong the durability of your luxury bags, you have to store them properly. How so? Firstly, you should stuff the bags with cloth or acid-free tissue paper to retain the bags’ shape. Secondly, the trick is to contain them in a neat dust bag or cotton pillowcase. Lastly, you should always store your bags in an upright position.

 5. Protect your bags to maintain their value

 Luxury bags are expensive for a reason. They’re made with high-quality materials which are guaranteed to last long. However, this can only happen if the handbag is in the right hands. Protect your luxury bags to retain its core value among the market. It’s a great way to invest in reselling if you decide to give away your bags for a price.

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