Managing inventory and mailing out orders are merely some of the many familiar struggles of owning a clothing business.

It’s in addition to dealing with the clutter that is your inventory, equipment, and packaging, all of which could easily go out of hand. It holds particularly true when you’re running the business in your home.

As most start-up clothing brands can agree with, running a business can be a lot of work! But, the good news is that you can always rent a storage unit to store your inventory.

Instead of worrying about your inventory dominating over your home, you’re all free to focus on what truly matters: growing your business; and what’s even better is that as your business grows, your storage unit can grow with it.

The difference of an apparel inventory after being organized with the help of storage solutions in Singapore

Before & After Using Storage Units for ecommerce home sellers in Singapore

Keep in mind, however, that finding a reliable storage facility in Singapore is equally as important as protecting the quality of your inventory. So, we created this guide on how to properly store your clothing inventory in a storage unit.

  1. Use a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit: Climate-controlled units work by maintaining a steady range of interior temperature, regardless of the temperature outside. They are designed to protect something as valuable as your clothing from the potential damages caused by excessive cold or heat, humidity, mould, and mildew.
  2. Keep Inventory Off the Floor: For the same reason that you shouldn’t store clothing in the basement, where flooding may occur, you wouldn’t want to store your inventory directly to the floor as excessive moisture can soak up from the ground and into your storage unit. Use pallet board or other acceptable materials to elevate your clothing from the floor.
  3. Avoid Storing in Plastic Bags: While clothes are typically shipped in plastic bags, it’s not a good practice to store your inventory into them as they can trap moisture that can cause mould and mildew in clothes and/or the yellowing of fabrics. However, if you must use plastic, use air-tight plastic containers instead and make sure they’re clean, dry, and lined with clean, cotton sheets. You can also silica gel to absorb moisture.
  4. Label All Storage Containers: There are many ways to keep an inventory, the easiest of which is first, by labelling each box according to the collection of clothing it holds and second, by writing down the codes, sizes and, brief descriptions of all the clothes in it. This will save you from the headache of having to dig through boxes and retrieve clothes each time and more importantly, save you a great deal of time from doing so.
  5. Invest in Good Hangers: For clothes that have to be hung up, use good, sturdy wide hangers such as padded hangers that will help your clothes retain their proper shape and keep them getting stretched out. Consequently, avoid using metal hangers as they tend to rust as well as wooden hangers, which are heavy and can stretch the clothes out.
  6. Protect Clothes from Pest: In terms of protecting your clothes from pest, mothballs aren’t your only option. You can use cedar chips or oil to deter pests without leaving a trace of undesirable smell to your clothes as mothballs do. However, your best bet to keep pests away is to store with a responsible storage company that conducts preventive pest control in the facility.
  7. Avoid Vacuum-Packing: Vacuuming may be a great space-saving technique, but it can also be damaging to your clothes by causing permanent creasing and wrinkles. Keep in mind that natural fibres have to breathe to maintain its structure and by sucking the air out of them, you only speed up their deterioration. Pack them lightly into bins instead and make sure to store the heavier items on the bottom.
  8. Check on Your Storage Unit Regularly: On top of all these, make sure to check on your storage unit periodically, regardless of what or where you’re storing. It will help minimise the risk of your items getting damaged as you’ll immediately be aware of any potential issues as they happen.

A business woman who was satisfied after seeing the outcome of the storage solutions service that she availed for her apparel inventory

Final Tips

 Decide which clothes to hang and which to fold – Sturdy items like those made of denim, khaki, leather, or corduroy do well when folded. On the other hand, garments that wrinkle easily such as those made of cotton, linen, or rayon are best kept on hangers.

  • Avoid sharp creases when folding clothes – For the same reason you’d want to avoid vacuum packing, you should also avoid sharp creases when folding clothes. You should also consider refolding clothes periodically to keep the creases from becoming permanent.
  • Separate clothes with acid-free tissue paper: If acid-free boxes aren’t available, you can instead use acid-free tissue paper or white cotton sheets to add a layer of protection between clothes. For hanging clothes, on the other hand, cover them up with fabric garment bags for added protection.

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