Your home electronics is a significant investment. Whether they help make tasks smooth in the kitchen or give you entertainment during your leisure, appliances and gadgets are a must-have in your home. However, circumstances may happen that would need you to take time away from them due to long-term travels abroad, deployment for seafarers or the military, or you will undergo a major life transition of moving houses. Whichever reason, you must know the help that storage space in Singapore can give to your electronics!


Old, new, working or not, your electronics are valuable and can still be put to good use in the future. Thus, it is worth keeping them until you find someone who can take it off your hands or you find that it can still contribute to your tasks at home. While you wait for these moments to happen, keeping them protected in your self-storage would extend their lifespan.


Tips in Protecting Your Electronics in Storage


Safety and security are assured in trusted storage spaces so you can keep your electronics there with peace of mind. However, your work does not stop there. As the owner of these gadgets, you must ensure that they are protected from humidity, dust, and other temperature constraints. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:




Always trust the owner’s manual


An owner’s manual knows everything about your gadget, including temperature ranges and packing requirements. For instance, the screen of your computer monitors must be wrapped in anti-static foam for their protection. There, you will also find the best temperature of your electronic valuables, which typically ranges between 10 to 40 degrees Celsius.


Rent a climate-controlled storage


Electronics must always be dry because once they get wet, corrosion will soon set in and permanently damage them. While you have no plans of storing water in your self-storage space, condensation can occur due to fluctuations in temperature. To prevent this, climate-controlled or units that have air conditioning is what you should rent. It would ensure that your electronics are dry, especially if you plan to store them long-term.


Use its original package


When you first received your TV, it came with a box where it could fit perfectly. This original packaging is the best choice since it is made to protect your TV during shipping and warehouse storage. If you have thrown them out, try reaching out to the brand or get a TV box from a local online swap and sell pages.




Invest in proper packaging


Aside from using its original box, you must secure your valuables inside it. Padding is essential since it will serve as a shock-absorber when your electronics accidentally falls or gets fallen on. Invest in bubble wrap, packing paper, or plastic bags. They will save your gadgets and preserve their quality. 


Zip tie their cords


Not only will it save more room in your cheap storage space, but retrieving cords would be easier to retrieve when you secure them with cable ties or zip ties. Labelling them would not hurt either, in fact, taking a picture would also help reduce the stress when it comes to looking for the cords that come with each electronic!


Organise your storage area


Lastly, how you store them in the self-storage space is crucial. Ideally, you place them near the back of your storage unit. However, do not lean heavy objects against them since they can damage the components. If you are storing other furniture with your electronics, ensure space between the box and the storage wall. It would allow better air circulation to keep the temperature equal in your unit.


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