Now that you have finally, and successfully, found the best storage rental services in Singapore that suits your needs and standard, it’s time for moving of your belongings to their new place. Just like moving into a new home, organising your things is the most crucial part of owning a storage unit. Aside from the fact that you will not be there all the time, stored items can likely be damaged if they are not stocked properly. Also, you have to keep it in order just in case there is a need to pull out some items.

For example, you placed your furniture in a storage unit in Singapore because you are renovating your home. Of course, you wouldn’t just randomly stuff your sofas and home decorations in the storage. You have to carefully, and strategically, place each furniture in an orderly manner to avoid ruining it.

It all starts with a little bit of planning to make sure that your storage unit will be organised. To do that, here are some tips on how you can achieve a storage unit designed like a home.

It’s in the box

As much as possible, pick the boxes of the same size. In that way, it will be easier to stack them in one corner. If there’s a need to use bigger boxes, you may still do so but make sure to have it standard size. For example, you can have a medium size box for all the small items such as stuffed toys, miniature displays, clothes, and others. For bigger items such appliances, you can use a standard large box. Choosing the appropriate box size makes it easier for you to load it in the storage. When arranging it, large boxes should always be at the bottom considering that it has heavier content.

Ask yourself, do you need it?

Of course, not everything that’s in the storage are stocks. Most often that not, you will need to access some of it. Now, to not ruin your organised storage, always put the items that you may regularly need in an accessible area. You should also consider the need to pull out items during holiday seasons. You might have a sudden urge to donate or resell some of your items such as clothes, toys, and hobby collections. Do not stock it at the edge of the room where you will have to unload some of the boxes before reaching it.


Check the label

As mentioned above, it is recommended that you group or categorise the items that you will store. In that way, it will be easier for you to arrange them in the storage unit. Consequently, it is recommended that you label your boxes specifically or put some color coding for easier access. For example, instead of saying “bedroom stuff”, you can label it as “mattress”, “pillows”, or “bedsheets”. You can be as detailed as you want to be; the more hints on what’s in the box, the better.
Download free moving labels here. Fragile items needs a label too.

Have a master list of contents

Before moving the items out of your home, it’s recommended to have a master list of all the contents that you will store in the unit. In that way, you will have something to check in case you are looking for something instead of rummaging the entire storage looking for something that is not there. For instance, you may be looking for your collection of old vinyl records when in fact it’s in your home’s attic. Also, having a master list is also a security measure for your unit. It’s like having a record of what’s in there, and if something is missing in the unit, you will have a record of it.

Create floor plan or a layout

Once you already have the size of your storage unit and you have a master list of what you’re going to store, and have categorised them, you can create a sample floor plan or layout on how you will arrange it in the storage unit. Moving in is going to be a lot easier because you wouldn’t need to analyse the entire space just to place them properly. It’s basically like when you’re moving to a new home, you will imagine where to put what for a well-organised surroundings.

When all else fail, get a bigger unit

Once you have planned all of these, analyse if it can fit to your current unit. It’s ideal to still have a moving space in the unit instead of having a jampacked one. You may have an expert skill in packing it like a Tetris master, but it will be harder for you to retrieve the boxes soon after. If you think that you need more space, consider upgrading to a larger storage unit. Moreover, a crammed place can cause damaged to your goods. Consult a trusted storage rental services in Singapore to know more about other options!

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