Many people have been asking and wondering, “is there a way to protect ourselves from the Novel CoronaVirus COVID-19?” The fear this new virus has instilled has reached a global scale which makes a single cough already daunting.

As a countermeasure, Singapore has moved up its response to the outbreak to code orange. It is pushed into effectivity when there were four new cases with no known links to China recorded, that could only mean that the disease may be spreading in the community. This is the second time the country has activated code orange since 2009 during a different outbreak of the swine flu (AH1N1).

With Singapore now in code orange, the residents are strictly advised to minimise the risk of further transmission of the virus in the community.

Scientists from across the globe are working tirelessly to find a cure to this virus and in the meantime. Although there are no proven ways yet to protect yourself from the virus itself, it is on upon all of us to stay healthy to avoid getting sick. You can make sure that you have a strong immune system by avoiding exposure to unclean surroundings and start by strategically cleaning your house by considering storage space to acquire more space for your extra stuff.

Help prevent the spread of sickness that makes you vulnerable by these ways that we have listed down to ensure that your home is safe from COVID-19:

1. Declutter Your Stuff

The current situation has forced people to hoard huge amounts of food, water, medicine, first aid kits, batteries and other survival kits to get them by. Filling their shelves overflowing stock sadly reduces their living space. This is why there are many who seek for the best storage solutions for such small spaces in Singapore, in order to prevent unhealthy living organisms that might inhabit the shelves.

2. Disinfect Objects and Surfaces

cleaning materials

The virus that we are talking about attacks someone’s respiratory system and one of the most pragmatic ways to prevent being infected is to strengthen one’s respiratory system.

The aforementioned living organisms that could inhabit one’s too cramped shelves are mildew and mould. Both can form in a moist environment can harm the human’s lungs and can cause breathing problems when exposed for too long. Freeing up space and disinfecting surfaces by using bleach would do the trick to eradicate these harmful fungi.

3. Dispose of Wastes Properly


Whilst you cannot get the virus from biodegradable wastes, you can get a whole different lot of virus and even acquire lung infections. The same way the COVID-19 attacks a human being’s respiratory system. No one can afford to get lung infections from improperly disposed garbage. Practice separating your wastes from that of non-biodegradable and biodegradable to avoid harmful diseases.

4. Use Air Purifiers

One way to keep yourself and your family safe from viruses and bacteria are using air purifiers. It can prevent airborne diseases because it can kill or remove disease-causing viruses and bacteria from the air inside your home. It also provides better air circulation that could even boost your immune system by helping you relax and sleep better.


Make some room, save some space

With over forty thousand people infected, and over seventy confirmed cases in the country, Singapore has taken the fight against the Coronavirus to great lengths. The country’s united effort is impressive, every single person doing their own part to prevent its spread.

By staying at home, everyone feels safer already but it is surely less reassuring if your home is unclean and too cluttered. Somehow, we sanitize ourselves but somehow we tend to forget to make sure our homes are also sanitized and clean. Fortunately, cheap storage spaces are of big help in decluttering personal home spaces.

We understand the crisis that is going on and with Mandarin Self Storage, you can avail the specific storage service you need in just four simple steps.

  • Select your location. Choose from four locations nearest to you.
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  • Reserve the storage with or team or you can do it online.
  • Move-in. Once you’re all settled, you can also make use of our van service to help you transport your stuff.

Before and after image of a house that used storage units for keeping their old baby items to tidy their home.

In addition to that, Mandarin Self Storage does not collect security deposit nor apply long term payment contracts to bog you down. You can start or stop storage at any month you like as we work on a monthly payment basis. It’s secured, affordable, and equipped with high-end security features to keep all your belongings safe.

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