business storage in Singapore

For small business owners, it is practical to rent or own a small office space first to save costs. The office expansion could be dealt with later as the business grows. However, the problem with small office spaces is that there is not enough room for all the office supplies and equipment. Thus, it would be an ideal solution to rent a business self-storage in Singapore


Now, storage services in Singapore are not just for homeowners who need extra space for their belongings. Businesses could also benefit from such services as they can use them to stash away their unused office furniture, as well as, other important documents. 


If you are a business owner as well, then you may want to consider investing in self-storage. Here are some of the benefits you may gain from it.



  • Minimise Clutter


It would be difficult to work in an office that is full of clutter. It is distracting. You would lose focus, and this could significantly affect your performance. However, clutter is normal in the office. Even though the office seems organised right now, documents would soon start stacking up and more equipment would be bought, thus adding more clutter in the office. If this happens, then do not try to squeeze everything in your office— move some of them to a storage warehouse. 



  • Secure Valuables


Investing in high-security equipment is not yet practical if you are only starting your business. Fortunately, there is another way for you to get maximum security for your office supplies.  You could rent a self-storage space! Our storage facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras that are activated for 24/7. Moreover, each of our storage units has a door alarm that would turn on as soon as someone tries to break in. You can rest assured that all of the documents and other office supplies inside are secure and safe. 



  • Utmost Convenience


Storage services provide the convenience that most businesses need. Like for example, we provide a free van service to make it less hassle for you during the move. Moreover, our storage facilities can be accessed for 24/7. You could come anytime you want to get some important documents stored inside. Just make sure to inform us first for us to provide the needed assistance. 



  • Save Costs


Renting a self-storage unit is a much more cost-efficient choice than renting a huge warehouse. Since there are different storage sizes available, you could choose a storage size that is sufficient enough for your office equipment. Moreover, we also provide short-term storage services with flexible month-to-month payments. You may customise the services you may want to avail. This prevents you from incurring costly penalties. 

Even though it may seem like renting a storage unit is only an extra unnecessary expense, the benefits you may gain from it outweigh the disadvantages. If you are interested in renting a storage space, then you may want to check us out at Mandarin Self Storage! We offer various storage services for both for business owners like you!