We all have different reasons for renting a storage space in Singapore. You might be moving into a new home or maybe you are a business owner who needs extra storage space for surplus stocks. Regardless of the reason, one thing’s for sure when leasing a storage unit— you have to determine whether the rental costs align with your budget. In Singapore, the weekly prices for storage units rental ranges from $50 to $500. Also, keep in mind that each storage facility has different rental processes, so prices vary.


Rental prices for storage space depend on different aspects. You have to take into account the location of the storage facilities, the items to be stored, the duration of the rent, and of course, the size of the unit.


Take a look into these factors to determine the worth of a storage unit:


Size of the Storage Unit

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It’s a known fact that the larger the unit, the higher the rental prices are. However, not all the time it’s better to choose a large unit. You still need to factor in the items that are supposed to be stored inside. So, make sure to create an inventory of your items first before choosing a storage space. It’s one way to get the most of your money.


After finishing your inventory, check out some storage units and try to visualise whether your belongings will fit in. You may want to check out their website if you do not want to personally visit their storage facilities in Singapore. Usually, they provide photos and information about how many boxes and furniture can fit into a specific unit size.


At Mandarin Self Storage, we understand our customers pain points. We offer free size estimation, where our experts will provide you with an estimation quote based on what you are looking to store.


What’s Inclusive?

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When asking for a quotation, always clarify what’s included in the fee. There may be some storage facilities that may require an administrative fee. Others offer packages for all types of boxes, and as a bonus, they provide other inclusions like a free padlock, packing tape, and other storage essentials. If you are lucky, then you might also come across some that offer additional services such as pickup and delivery. Many self storage services in Singapore offer additional paid facilities like a co-working space with WiFi, air conditioning and even a pantry. If those additional features are what you are looking for, find out more about our services as we are one of the few that offers free free coworking spaces and free van transportation with a driver!


For example, if you were quoted $150 for a rental fee, then you have to confirm if there are additional charges and how often it will be charged. To effectively prepare for the rate that you need to pay, make sure to confirm what’s inclusive of the price to know how you can better maximise their offers. In this way, you can set a budget for it accurately.


In Mandarin Self Storage, we understand the worries of storage spaces problems when it comes to new businesses or new homeowners. We offer a solution to your storage needs without charging the industry norm of 1 – 2 months of security deposit.


Type of Storage Unit

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You will come across two different types of storage unit: basic and temperature-controlled. The basic ones are, of course, bare spaces with no air-conditioning. Meanwhile, the temperature-controlled units use HVAC systems to prevent high humidity. Although they cost more than the basic unit, they are still worth it because they help keep your furniture, electronics and other sensitive belongings in good condition.


Payment Plan

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Equivalent to knowing how much you should be paying is to know when you can pay for it. You can also check out if they have promotional plans that you can take advantage of. Aside from that, you can also enquire if they have payment arrangements for a convenient monthly payment— instead of paying the rent all at once. For some storage spaces, you may be required to pay for the first month of your rent. Only then you can arrange the payment for the succeeding month – either weekly or monthly.


To sum it up, always look for the most convenient way to make your payments to avoid delays or inconvenience in the future.


Rental Period

The duration of renting a storage space is also an important factor for estimating the price of a unit. If you are not sure how long you would be using the storage unit, then you may want to choose a flexible payment option. You get to save more money compared to a full-service option because you get to choose every month which amenities and services you want to continue availing or not. However, it’s only an ideal choice if you opt for short-term storage. You may want to consider a long-term rental if you are going to travel for months because storage companies often offer attractive deals and discounts for it.


Refund Policies

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You can never know what is going to happen in the future. You might come across a situation in which you need to suddenly cancel your rental reservation because you have to move in earlier than expected. Choosing a company like Mandarin Self Storage helps as they offer month to month rental with no long contracts. They also do not collect security deposit like many companies do.


So, make sure to read their terms and conditions regarding refund policies first before making a decision. Even though it’s impossible to reimburse the whole rental fee that you’ve paid for, you will still most likely receive a prorated refund.


Remember that renting a storage space is an important investment. Thus, you have to gather all the important information first to make sure you are getting what you paid for. If you want to learn more about storage rentals, then reach out to us at Mandarin Self Storage. You can also find out more about our price and payment options here!



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does storage space cost?

A: Storage spaces start from as low as $25 per week for a space about the size of a telephone booth. The biggest spaces are the size of a garage and there are many different sized units in between. To find out what units best suits your need, visit the Size Estimator page https://www.mandarinselfstorage.com.sg/size-estimator/


Q: Should I get a storage unit?

A: Yes, Of course!. Self Storage is a temporary or long term solution for your storage space needs. Self Storage provides flexible solutions that you can use to solve any space problem you have including creating a cost-effective closet , a space to start an e-commerce business, a place to protect your furniture during renovations, and so on. To reserve your storage unit, click here https://www.mandarinselfstorage.com.sg/hougang


Q: What is self-storage used for?

A: Self-storage units are used for extra space when your current place of residence or business doesn’t have enough space to do any business. It can also be used for safekeeping for vintage things, given that it is optimized for such use.


Q: Why is self-storage so popular?

A: Self Storage is popular because it is affordable and flexible and is available at any time seven days a week for you to rent just what you need when you need it for as long as you need it.


Q: What is the minimum period I have to stay?

A: The minimum period of rental is one month.


Q: When can I access my storage?

A: Your rental unit can be accessed using your assigned security access code between 5.00am and 12.00am, seven days a week.


Q: How much do I need to pay?

A: All you will need to pay is your first month’s rent plus a one time administrative fee of $21.40.A padlock is also required.


Q: What is your Refund Policy?

A: All customers pay at least one month in advance on the anniversary of their move-in. We do not refund partial unused months. If you know your move out date before your anniversary, we can pro-rate your rental forward accordingly.