One of the biggest, if not the biggest, factors in looking for a storage unit is the rental fees. In Singapore, the prices for storage units rental ranges from $50 to $500. Each storage facility has different rental processes. In Singapore, the prices are pretty much “personalised” depending on your needs. The size plays a big role in determining the storage unit’s price; the second factor, on the other hand, is the location and amenities.

To know if your storage rental is worth it, you have to consider different aspects. Let’s take a look at these factors.

  1. Consider the size
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Of course, small units are cheaper while larger units are a little bit more expensive. For instance, if you are only looking to store a couple of clothes and toys, it you may only need a locker-type or a small-size storage unit which cost less. But, if you are looking to keep your business merchandise, you may need to have some extra bucks for a medium-size or large-size unit.

Before searching online for the cheapest storage units, it’s necessary to start with creating a list of what you need. In that way, it will be easier for you to know which size do you need. You can check out the measurement of each unit so you can visualise if your belongings will fit in it. More than just the floor space, it’s also important to know the height of each storage unit if you have any huge items such as furniture, sofa, or even bikes. The more accurate you’ll get the size, the better budgeting you can make.

  1. Consider what’s inclusive


When asking for a quotation, always be clear on what’s included on the fee. There may be some facilities that an administrative fee may be required; there are also some who offers packages for all types of boxes or if they have a padlock included; and sometimes, additional services such as pick up and delivery are also available.



For example, you were quoted $150 for a rent fee, you have to confirm if there are additional charges and how often will it be charged. To effectively prepare for the rate that you need to pay, always confirm what’s inclusive of the price and how can you go about maximising their offers. In that way, you can list down your budget accurately.



  1. Consider the payment plan

Equivalent to knowing how much to pay is to know when you can pay for it. You can also check out if they have discount or promotional plans that you can take advantage. Aside from that, you can also enquire if they have payment arrangements for a convenient monthly payment for the duration of your contract, instead of paying the rent all at once. For some, you may be required to pay the first month of your storage rental then you can arrange the payment for succeeding month – either weekly or monthly.

To sum it up, always look for the most convenient, possible way to make your payments to avoid delays or inconvenience in the future.

  1. Consider the refund policy

Whether we like it or not, unfortunate or unforeseeable events may happen. There may be times when you suddenly need to pull out your belongings or you may have to terminate your renting contract. Commonly, renters need to pay at least one month in advance on the anniversary of their move in. Partial unused months, on the other hand, will not be refunded within minimum storage period. However, you can also enquire when it comes to pro-rated processes for refunds. Regardless of the case, always make sure that you know if you are eligible to refund a payment when necessary if you move out earlier than initially planned.

  1. Consider the modes of payment

Since the banking and finance world is also gearing towards the improving technology, there have become a lot of payment options. As much as possible, check out if the storage facility is capable of electronic payments or if they accept post dated cheques. In that way, you wouldn’t need to rush during your due dates for payments. And most importantly, ask the facility if they will send you an invoice or a notification reminder when your due date is near.

Get hassle-free storage renting

Owning a storage unit is pretty much the same as owning a house, it’s an investment and a responsibility. That’s why it’s important to be knowledgeable on how you can have worry-free and hassle-free renting experience. To know more about storage rental prices in Singapore, get in touch with a reliable storage facility and take your first tour!