How self storage helps a business to be more efficient?

An organized and clean workspace can inspire your employees to be more productive, and at the same time it allows your business to flow smoothly and with easy traffic – literally. Imagine if you are in a fast-paced company running errands from left to right, you wouldn’t want to be accidentally banging boxes of paper works or getting tripped by cluttered wires on the floor. If your office is just new or the business was just opened, you may not be encountering it yet. But, if you’ve been in the business for a long time and have been in that same office since you opened, then you’re probably familiar with the examples above.

Documents Archive Storage

The thing is, as much as possible, we want to keep everything within our reach, and we couldn’t agree more. If someone asks for a document, you want to be able to give it to the person right away instead of saying that you’ve thrown it in the trash. As a business, you wouldn’t know when you’ll need a proposal, a sample, or any other stuff again. So, how can you keep your workspace clean without throwing anything out? Get some help from a storage service company. In Singapore, storage units are not just used for personal necessities. It can also be used for businesses.

Sooner or later, every business will struggle to look for an available space that can store all of the office’s property. Surely, you may have a storage room in the office, but your business deserves to have a self storage unit just like other offices in Singapore. But, we understand that decluttering is a tricky task. How would you know which ones should be in the storage unit and what should be left in the office?

1. Declutter Your Office: Decide what to Keep in the office

This should be easy. Store what you need. Find out exactly what you regularly use and leave those in the office. You can list down the items that you always or may occasionally need for about two weeks. From there, you’ll know the items that should be within your reach (literally). Most of the time, those are the office supplies such as staplers, unused bond papers, cables and wires for laptop, and other tech equipment such as printers, camera, post it holders, white board, and anything else that you may need to keep your business going. To make it short, anything that you need to get the task done on a daily basis, you have to keep it.

Office Space Storage
As for keeping important documents, make sure to just keep what’s ongoing. Any files, documents, or paper works that are still “In Progress” should be kept in the office. In that way, it will be easier to pull it out should you need any information to finish the task.


 2. What to Store?

Alright, so now that you know what to keep, you have to know what to keep away. If your business decided to get a self storage unit, you have to make sure that you know what you’re to put there and it’s not going to be a hassle going back and forth too often just to get some stuff. So, how would you which items to keep in a storage unit?

Here are some of the common office clutter that can be kept in a storage unit:

  1. Product inventories or annual reviews – As the CEO, it is part of your goal to make sure that the business is running smoothly and that everything is working perfectly. And to realize that, you will conduct annual reviews of your services or monthly reviews of your product inventories. That is completely necessary to keep the business on track. But the problem is that, these reviews and inventories have paper works that accumulate as time goes by. No matter how necessary, it’s not really needed all the time. So, instead of keeping it in the office, it’s better to keep it in a storage unit. You’ll have more space in the office for more ongoing and important stuff.

Storage Inventory

  1. Marketing samples and mock ups – It’s part of your duty as a marketer to give your full effort in presenting your products, and part of those are the boards and visual aides. Remember those that you used in the last business meeting or maybe the product mock up that you used in the last client presentation? Yes, those. It’s something that can be used again in the future, right? And it’s that’s too precious to just ditch. So, instead of letting it decay in the office, store it in a safe place.


  1. Files of inactive employees – For a long time, people have come and left your company. Because of that, their employment records are all in your drawers. Humans Resources’ office are always swamped with tons of folders and files just to keep all these records organised. But, to give space in the office, keep the files of inactive employees in a storage unit. You wouldn’t be needing all of it right away, would you? So, you can just keep the files of active employees in the office while the inactive employees’ files can be kept in storage.


  1. Unused office equipment – We’re not talking about broken equipment, ok? We are only highlighting those that need to be trashed. Admin managers often get caught up with these dilemma. You know, having those office equipment that were rarely used? But those equipment are still functioning perfectly but it only happens that you do not use it regularly. It can be an old computer that stores all your old data or it can be the old cables and wires that’s tangled in the office storage room. Whatever it is, remove it in your office because it’s just taking up space.

Once you’ve decluttered, you will notice a big change in your office and in your business. Good luck can now come in without any hindrance. So, what are you waiting for? Start working in a clean and organized environment by keeping some stuff for your business in a self storage unit in Singapore. Enquire now to know more!