leather furniture for self storage in singapore

Leather furniture is an investment. It is commonly the most expensive home furniture piece that families in Singapore invest in. Besides, leather is a furniture material that lasts for more than a decade. To ensure its longevity, not only do you need to regularly maintain it, but you should also know some furniture storage tips to keep it in mint condition.


During house relocations and long business trips— these are some of the many reasons why you should consider temporarily storing your leather furniture in a storage unit in Singapore. It is a safe place to keep luxurious furniture pieces like a leather sofa. However, storing it inside is not that simple as leather is a delicate material. If it is exposed to moisture, then it may easily crack or “dry rot”. 


How to Prepare Your Leather Furniture for Storage


To make sure your leather furniture does not get easily damaged in a storage unit, just keep in mind these storage furniture tips and tricks: 


  • Clean It First

Cleaning is the first and most important step as it can prevent mould formation. You could use a vacuum to help get rid of the leftover crumbs on the cushions and remove the tiniest dust. After vacuuming it, clean it further with a leather cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove stains. If a leather cleaner is not available, you may create a natural cleaning solution like a vinegar and water mix. Just make sure to wipe it off with a dry cloth to leave no hint of moisture. 


  • Choose an Appropriate Furniture Cover

In Singapore, one of the easiest storage solutions for leather furniture is to wrap it around with a cover.  You could use old blankets as a furniture cover as it would help protect the leather from scratches during transport. However, if it is going to be placed on a storage unit, consider using a custom-fit cover to make sure no dust would start to accumulate. 


Among all the furniture covers, plastic should be the material you should always avoid. Covering a leather feather with plastic would damage it as it is susceptible to moisture. Mould could soon form if it is wrapped around in plastic too. 


  • Elevate Your Furniture

The last thing to keep in mind when storing leather furniture is to use elevated shelving. Doing this is important if the floors are cemented. Moisture is common in cemented floors, so it’s best to keep your leather furniture away from the floors. You could use cinder blocks if there is no shelving available. 


Rent an Aircon Storage Unit at Mandarin Self Storage


In addition to those furniture storage tips, always ensure you choose an aircon storage space in Singapore. Remember that heat is the main culprit for leather damage. Exposing it in a hot, humid environment would cause the leather to expand, thus cracks would discoloured patches would occur.  

At Mandarin Self Storage, we have climate-controlled storage units available for rent. You can rest assured that your leather furniture would stay in tip-top condition if you choose our storage services.