How to save money & get the cheapest storage fees

Since real estate properties nowadays are starting to be more expensive, many individuals are moving to smaller homes. Because of this, you may have less space at home for all your belongings. Same thing goes for businesses; due to smaller office spaces tied up with the expansion of your services, you may have less space to store records or other company properties. Thank goodness for storage units. Your space availability issues can already be resolved.

But when you think of leaving your personal or business properties in a self storage unit, you have to consider a lot of factors – one of those is the price. Regardless if it’s only for a short period or a long period of time, it’s very important to be smart in searching for the cheapest, most affordable rates for storage units.

All around Singapore, there are more than 60 storage companies and facilities to choose from. With that variable, it will really take too much time and effort to look for the cheapest storage units in Singapore that will provide all your needs and wants. But as any other industries, finding the cheapest, most affordable self storage is has strategies. Here are some of the things to consider:

 Store your items in sturdy boxes that are same in sizes for better stacking

MSS is selling boxes of the same size (width) the only difference is the height. The best thing to do in this situation is to gather any items that fit into a box; then you stack boxes of the same size to utilise the most space available as possible.

Make sure to use sturdy boxes to avoid any fragile storage from getting crushed or damaged. Maximise inventory space by putting as much items in these boxes as you can

 What’s covered in the fee

Don’t be a victim of false advertising. When asking for the rental fee, always confirm if there are other fees that needs to be settled on a monthly basis such as administrative fee. In that way, you can prepare your budget more effectively. You should also check for the availability of both short term and long term renting. Once you have all of which clarified, it will be easier for you to prepare the budget.

Check out the storage sizes

When choosing for a self storage unit in Singapore, don’t just check the price; the size of the storage should always be the priority.

Choices and options are always important. Our needs might suddenly change in the future. The wise decision to buy a storage unit with a much larger size than expected. This way, leaving additional storage room will give more space for any unexpected belongings in the future.

Store your items right; make use of the height and save money. As the larger the area, the higher the rent

When you’re going to estimate the size and amount of your items, consider stacking them upright using sturdy boxes as mention previously. Remember that the price is estimated by the size of the unit, specifically the width.

Consider the height of the storage unit because it will save you a lot of money. Place your items conveniently on one another depending on height, and not width. Make sure they are stored properly with sturdy boxes.

House keep items. Discard or donate items that you don’t need.

You might find yourself securing belongings that don’t have value any more. In this case, save some money by donating items you won’t need. Plus, you’ll leave a lot of additional space for your storage unit if you’ll discard excess belongings.

You can try to sell these unneeded items to gain even more profit. It’s better than occupying space in your storage unit with invaluable items.

Get FREE estimation from storage experts to give you a better estimation of size needed so you don’t pay for the space you don’t need.

Always ask from the professionals. Try to gather as much information from storage experts for free so you won’t need to rent too much space for your unit. Also, storage experts know what’s best, but make sure to ask them for free.

Having a little additional space for a storage unit is wise, but anything excess is too much.

Always compare prices

When you already have already considered all the factors mentioned above, it’s time to check offers in the market. Make sure to check different companies and study the factors carefully. Always ask yourself which of your choices can give you quality service in a most convenient and most affordable price.

Contrary to popular belief, being “cheap” doesn’t always mean having the lowest price. Being “cheap” means getting what you want or need in a smaller amount of money. So, when you’re looking for the cheapest storage units in Singapore, don’t just look at the price. Also consider what you can get for the amount that you will pay for. After all, cost and worth are two different things.