Your house moving plans may get delayed because your new place is not ready yet. You would have to look for a temporary place to store your belongings until the day of your move arrives. Instead of asking your friend if you could keep your items in their house for the meantime, you may want to look for storage space rentals in Singapore.

Even though renting a storage space may cost you, the convenience you would get from it outweighs the cost. Besides, there are several ways to help you save money once you rent a storage unit. Here are some of them:


  • Store Valuable Items
    Since renting a storage unit is also considered an investment, think of ways how you can put it to good use. Instead of thinking that it is just an extra space for your belongings, you may want to use it as a place for storing valuable items.

    Go through your belongings and see if you have items that you rarely use every day, but they are highly valuable. A good example would be antique furniture and heirloom items. Some other valuable items are hardware tools, sports equipment, and travel suitcases.

    Selecting valuable items to store would help save costs as it allows you to choose a smaller and cheaper storage space for rent.


  • Determine the Right Storage Size
    Storage rental prices in Singapore depend on the size of the storage unit. Thus, renting a smaller unit is more affordable. At first glance, we may think that a small storage unit is not enough for our belongings. Fortunately, you can utilise a small unit by decluttering first.

    The first step to decluttering is to make a list of the essentials. For other items that are not on the list, see if these items are worth keeping or not. If it is difficult to decide, then recall when was the last time you last used them. If it has been more than a year already, then you may have to dispose of it. If it is a waste to throw them out, either donate or sell them.


  • Check Out Various Deals and Offers
    Do a price comparison of different storage facilities in Singapore to make sure to get the best deal. Also, remember when looking into various deals, see if a flexible month-to-month contract is available. Contracts such as this allow you to change the storage terms every month. It will help avoid sudden costs like cancellation fees and penalties.

    Moreover, look for package deals which include moving tools like boxes and packing supplies. You can save more costs on availing packaged deals than ordering these moving necessities in groceries.

    Last, take advantage of free truck services. Some storage companies in Singapore are offering the services to make it more convenient for their clients to move their belongings to their rented storage unit.


  • Choose a Climate-Controlled Unit
    Even though a climate-controlled unit entails more upfront costs, it is worth choosing it over regular units as it protects your belongings. It is a smart choice if you plan to store them for a long time. Remember that if damages occur, then it will cost you more as you have to replace them with a new one.


The key to saving money when renting a storage unit is to research your options carefully. Make sure you have gone through every detail of the quotes you have requested from different storage companies in Singapore.

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