COVID-19 pandemic has had us staying more and working at home.

But, for someone who is quite new to this setup, it can be difficult to work for a straight 8 hours at home, let alone stay focused and productive. Office work is challenging enough without thinking about the laundry that has to be done, dishes to wash, and household to run.

In this case, you need a clear plan and in its simplest form, it can be divided into two categories: set up a schedule and organise your home.  For this matter, you will also discover how useful personal self-storage in Singapore can be. Continue reading to find out.

Stay Productive at Home in 2 Easy Steps


Your home environment lacks the structure of a work environment where working hours and break times are clearly defined. While it’s impossible to follow your office schedule down to the last detail, you can work around it and include some household tasks that have to be done like cooking or organising your personal storage. This should help reduce the procrastination that may otherwise take place.

Below are some other tips in creating a work-from-home schedule.

  • Set clear and realistic goals
  • Set a time to get ready for the day: shower, prepare meals, etc.
  • Include reasonable timeouts which include lunch breaks and coffee breaks

When Working with a Baby or Kids

  • When you have a baby, use their nap times efficiently, using it to do the work that requires more attention.
  • If you have kids, you can also help manage their time by setting up appropriate activities to keep them engaged while you’re working.
  • You can also let them take on some responsibilities such as cleaning their bedrooms. This is when you will realise the importance of investing in some handy storage solutions.

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Organising your home is almost synonymous to reducing distractions and staying productive, and the first step to do so would be dedicating a specific space for work. For the meantime, you can store anything that’s not related to work in your personal storage.

An ideal workspace is some room or area in your home where there is less traffic from your family members. This space should be dedicated exclusively for work to:

  • virtually separate your workspace from the rest of the household; and
  • stay focused on work and keep distractions from hampering your productivity.

How Storage Rental Units in Singapore Can Help

Organising and keeping your home clean provides you with space that is conducive to working. It also prioritises hygiene, which is particularly essential during this COVID-19 situation.

Having a storage rental space in Singapore can help you clear the unnecessary items in your home and give you the extra space to work and be productive. As an added bonus, you’ll find that after decluttering, it would be much easier to clean, vacuum, and sanitise every surface of your home when necessary.

Self-Storage Solutions in Singapore by Mandarin Self Storage

Aside from keeping our homes clean and organised, it’s also crucial that we take social responsibility during this crisis. This includes observing good hygiene, practising social distancing, and staying as much as possible at home.

As such, our reception office at Mandarin Self Storage will be temporarily closed until further notice. While your self-storage units remain accessible using your security pin codes, we highly encourage you to access your spaces only if absolutely necessary and do so in accordance with the safe distancing measures.

For inquiries, contact us on 1800 288 8677 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Let’s all play our part to keep Singapore safe!