Ever wanted to change your home’s aesthetic appeal? It’s not an unusual thought to think of. Sometimes we just grow tired of the same old house set-up. To spice up our home a little bit, you can simply renovate it the way you want! However, renovating our home can be a problem, especially if it’s overcrowded with furniture and other items. An overcrowded home will make it harder to go through renovation.

Buckets of paint on the floor

Despite the minor inconvenience that’s given with home renovation, there is solution can make all the difference. A simple storage unit can make all the difference if you’re considering a new home set-up.


Storage units in Singapore are all you need to have your very own personal furniture storage whenever you require. In such cases, home renovations are the perfect situations where you can rent a personal storage unit. Treat your self-storage space like a home extension, and you won’t worry about anything else.

Keeping it nice and tidy

Your lovely furniture requires all the care and protection it can get. Luckily, a storage unit in Singapore is all you need to protect your valuable items. Storage units are designed to contain high-valued items with a focus on security and protection. If you’re worried about the damage that could possibly occur inside a storage unit, have no fear. Pests are almost impossible to witness whenever your furniture is kept in a storage unit.

Also, there’s the option of adjusting the temperature of your self-storage space to know which temperature suits your valuables best. If taking care of your furniture is a challenge, look no further anymore. A self-storage unit is what you need to take care of your precious furniture! A nice and tidy look is what you want for your furniture, even when you’re not around. A storage unit can give you just that.

  • 24 Hr hour protection

A home under renovation can be a quick way to say, “we’re open and vulnerable to breaking and entering”. Don’t risk your furniture from being stolen! Secure your furniture and protect their value in a self-storage unit where you can rest easily without fear of the unknown.

Your personal furniture storage space will be guarded with a lot of surveillance cameras, to ensure no intruders will pass through the facilities unrecorded.


Transport your furniture with safety

If you’re worried about transporting your furniture with caution, one simple solution is to let the movers take care of it for you. Professional movers are trained to handle your items with extreme care so they can secure the package in one piece.



From Point A to Point B, professional movers are tasked to acquire your packages with finesse. There’s no reason you should worry about your furniture’s fragile condition. They’ll pack it up in comfy and cosy boxes to ensure the furniture’s safety during transportation.

Thinking of securing your furniture in a personal storage space? Call Mandarin Self Storage for all your storage needs. Gain access to your personal furniture storage, and secure your precious items in one tidy unit.


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