Minimalism is a word that is interpreted in many ways. Ironic though, considering it pertains to a lifestyle that revolves around living with less.

We have been discussing it several times in our blog and it seems only fitting to shed light on this topic, given the scarcity of space in Singapore. Ever since it was brought into the mainstream, the movement has inspired people to maximise small spaces, trim down their wardrobes, and reduce their possessions. This could mean anything from getting rid of the clutter, donating the excess, or renting a self-storage space in Singapore to keep items that they’re not so willing to let go.

Minimalism is about being more intentional about how we consume things and becoming more conscious of how we spend and where we spend money on. There are no set rules for living a minimalist lifestyle. But, there are principles of minimalism that are consistent on the theme:

Reduce the Clutter

Minimalism is almost synonymous to minimise  the clutter. Assess and purge—how many times have you heard of this? The key here is to get rid of the items you no longer use: clothes, household items, toys, bills, etc. Assign these items into keep, donate, sell, and trash categories.

Change Your Mindset

Let’s be honest, you don’t need all the stuff that you own. Aside from the KonMari Method in which Marie Kondo encourages you to get rid of the things that no longer spark joy, there’s another decluttering rule you can learn from, the 90/90 rule.

  • The 90/90 Rule. Look at something you own. Have you used it in the last 90 days? If you haven’t will you use it in the next 90? If not, consider letting it go.

Set Goals

Joining an active Facebook group about minimalism can either be motivating or pressure you to be on the same level as the others. However, we can’t stress enough that there are no rules to minimalism. You can interpret it however you like as much as how you can set personal goals yourself. Below are some other tips on how you can start living with less.

Step 1. Declutter First, Organise Next – Save yourself the time and energy by getting rid of the clutter first and organising what’s left.  It will be much easier to organise when you have fewer things.

Step 2. Detach Sense of Self-Worth from Possessions – You have to realise that your self-worth is not based on what brand you wear, the car you drive or the furniture you have. Only when you realise this that it will be easier for you to start decluttering.

Step 3. Opt for Quality Over Quantity – Invest in classic, timeless pieces. Whether these are clothes, furniture, or bedsheets, spend on something that you’re sure you will love for years to come.

Step 4. Put Away Things You Can’t Part With – When decluttering, you’re bound to find items that you cherish but don’t have enough space for in your home. Minimalist living leaves little to no room for these things thus, putting them into an extra space self-storage rental can be great.

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For Those Who Struggle Getting Rid Of Things

Some may view decluttering as overwhelming and are therefore struggling to start. While the Internet is full of examples and watching instructional videos may help, they wouldn’t be as useful without proper motivation or any goals set.

When you’re not yet ready to let go of the things that you’ve come to love, a storage space rental might just be the solution for you. It also works great as furniture storage, in which you can temporarily store your furniture items until you’re ready to sort through.

Storage Rental Spaces at Mandarin Self Storage

Before and after image of a house that used storage units for keeping their old baby items to tidy their home.

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