While sturdy boxes are important materials for moving and securing items, the type of packaging tape should also be considered. The condition of your belongings will depend on both the box and packaging tape you’ll use. Whatever type of box you’ll use, the tape’s quality will conclude the package’s safety.

Packaging tapes are applied on boxes to ensure the item’s safety from escaping the box. Besides that, there’s also the matter of protecting the box from any intrusion from getting in your package.

Choosing the right type of packaging tape is crucial in moving your items. Learn more about the types of packaging tape and their benefits.


Types of tapes

 There are different types of tapes suited for each situation. Here are examples of the types of tapes you can use:

Packing tape



The most obvious type of tape you’ll use in packing your items is the packing tape. They’re used for sealing boxes and packages. There are different types of packing tape:


Cross weave tape


This type of tape is ideal for securing items because of their strength and adhesion. Cross weave tape is also difficult to cut off by hand, avoiding any intrusions from unauthorized individuals.


Kraft Paper tape


A basic form of tape, the kraft paper tape blends well with your boxes because of its brown colour. It’s easy to tear down by hand, but just as secure as any other type of tape.




Printed fragile tape


Use this of tape if your package includes any fragile items. This tape will let anyone know that there’s delicate packaging with the indicated custom printed sign.




PVC tape


This is similar to electrical tape, where it provides protection from exposure to electricity.



Scotch tape


The scotch tape is the most common type you’ll ever see. It’s mainly used in offices, homes, and basically anywhere. You can use them on envelopes, plastic, paper, and holding light objects. But this type of tape is not to be used for packaging. They’re ill-fitted for moving and securing boxes.



Duct tape


This pressure-sensitive tape is usually coated with polyethylene. Duct tape is normally used for sealing purposes. Duct tape is very popular due to its strong adhesive while still being easily removable. However, this tape is still not ideal for packaging.

Qualities and factors

 Once you’ve packed your items and prepared their delivery to a personal storage in Singapore, seal your packages with the right type of tape. There are different qualities and factors about the type of tape you should use.

  • Strength

The strength of a tape is determined by amount of weight it can support. It’s thickness also protects itself from being cut easily, to avoid any form of intrusion.

  • Adhesion

The adhesive quality of a packing tape refers to its stickiness, and how well it holds up over time. This is crucial, since the packaging’s fragile condition relies on the adhesion of the tape to keep it secure. Adhesion also alludes to the tape’s resistance to temperature.

  • Visibility

Treating your package’s visibility can be decided by the tape’s print and colour. If you want to label you’re delicate packages as “fragile”, then put a custom printed tape on it to ensure its safe presence around the handler.

Each type of tape has their own form of benefit. It’s up to you to decide which tape you’ll use for the type of package you have. These three qualities mentioned above should dictate the right course of action you’ll choose from.