packing household items for personal storage

It’s a good idea to move a few household items into a storage space in Singapore to declutter a cramped apartment. However, the process of moving is not that simple. You need to prepare the right packing materials to make sure your belongings stay intact during the move. Also, packing them first before putting them inside the storage unit will help keep them in good condition. 


Before purchasing a few packing materials, you need to first know what are the essentials to ensure you won’t end up wasting your money. Some people tend to buy everything, thinking it would help secure their belongings during the move. To make sure you will only get the right packing supplies, here’s a quick checklist of packing essentials: 


Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are handy to use because it usually comes in small packs. You can put them around fragile items like china tea sets or other glass mosaic dinnerware. It keeps them from breaking during transportation. Just make sure that the bubbles are facing in for maximum protection. 


Also, remember that bubble-wrapped plates should be stacked vertically in a box. In this way, they are less likely to crack even though the truck has to drive through a bumpy road.


✔ Packing Paper

When moving your items into a storage unit in Singapore, make sure to also use packing paper along with the bubble wrap. It adds more protection because it prevents the edges of an item from getting chipped or scratched. 


Moreover, packing paper can also be a substitute for styrofoam. You can use it for filling empty spaces in moving boxes. This makes the items inside more rigid and secure.


✔ Moving Boxes

Cardboard boxes are staple packing materials for personal storage purposes. In Singapore, some storage facilities provide these along with packaging tape and tape guns. 


Here’s a tip for using moving boxes: it’s better to combine different sizes of boxes, instead of putting all the items into one large box. It’s easier to move lighter boxes than the heavier ones, and this makes the move more efficient. 


✔ Covers

If there will be some furniture pieces to be placed inside the storage unit, then it’s best to invest in dust covers. It will help keep the furniture in mint condition even though it is kept inside for a long time.  


Some furniture pieces like leather are prone to damage if there are no covers that would protect them from dust. When choosing covers, look for the breathable ones so that there would be no moisture trapped inside. Remember that moisture can cause mould and mildew to grow. 


✔ Other Packing Materials

Other packing materials such as plastic wraps and permanent markers might be useful too. Plastic wraps can hold drawers into place so that they won’t easily slide open during the move. Meanwhile, permanent markers are essential for labelling boxing. Doing this helps keep the items inside the unit more organised. 


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Investing in these packing materials is only a small price you have to pay to keep your items safe. If ever you need anything in this checklist, then you can get them here at Mandarin Self Storage! We provide packing materials for our customers who avail of our storage rental services in Singapore.