Personal or business: Why storage units are necessary?

As much as possible, we always prefer to have all our belongings within the confines of our home. Because aside from the fact that we don’t know when those things will come in handy, we also want to make sure that it is safely stacked and stored. But, as you know, not all of us have huge houses where we can keep all our possessions which make it harder for many of us. That’s why there are a lot of personal and business storage companies in Singapore.

Maybe when you think of storage units, you’ll picture a huge warehouse with pull up doors and big locks, and the rents are too expensive for a common household owner. Well, that’s not necessarily wrong. But, actually, there are different types of storage units that’s suitable for all types of needs. And if you’re concern about price, well, there are a lot of cheap storage units in Singapore.

So, why do you really need to have a storage unit? On what circumstances would you need to have a storage and is it really necessary? You can use a unit for personal storage or for business in Singapore.

For Personal Use
There are various reasons for a storage to be needed for personal use. Here are some of those:

1. If you’re getting married or if you went on a divorce
If you happen to be living with your in-laws, you don’t want to bring all your personal stuff to their homes, right? You can rent for personal storage unit that will keep all your things there. You can also use it as your “personal space” where you can store all your “teenage properties” such as your collection of Archie comics, your Spice Girls and Backstreetboys CDs, your Britney Spears posters, high school postcards and love letters. You don’t want to throw that away, right?

Same goes with divorcing couples. You may want to have a fresh start, but you can’t face throwing any items yet, you can keep your old items on a storage unit and just sort it out once you are ready to separate what’s to be ditched and what’s to be kept. Your wedding album, your photo albums from the various trips, his first love letter to you, your very first movie ticket on the first date.

2. New babies are on the way
Now, if you get married and would want need to clear out a room to create a nursery, a storage unit is the answer. If you don’t have a spare room at home to house the books on your personal library which will be transformed into a child’s den, you can count on a storage unit for it. Books are better kept in an air-conditioned storage unit just like your own personal library

3. House renovation or expansion or if you are downsizing
A house under construction can be harmful to your personal belongings or other furniture – especially the fragile items such as vases, glasses and the like. So, instead of boxing all the items and storing it in your house, you can rent a storage unit where you are sure that it is safe and away from any harm.

Same goes if you are moving on a smaller home, especially if it’s just temporary. You can keep them in a storage unit until such time that you move to a bigger home.

Storage Unit
4. For your collections

We understand. All of us have our own limited edition collectibles of unique items. It could be your Marvel Superhero action figures or your limited edition Lego collection, your first electric guitar as a kid, or maybe the first championship trophy you and junior league team won, or anything else. You can keep them safe and sound in a storage unit. Plus, it can also look like your small museum of collectible items. Don’t we all want that? Walking into a unit full of your priced possessions can never be more relaxing. Oh, and you can also keep them away from damage or any other harm.

5. If someone passed away
You can also use a storage unit to temporarily keep all the belongings of a departed loved one. We understand that you don’t want to get rid of them, so you can keep it in a secured environment for as long as you need.

6. For travelers like a nomad or if you are relocating
Are you the type of person who doesn’t stay on a single place for a long time, but you still go home in Singapore from time to time? Well, you can use a personal storage unit to keep your personal belongings, and it will be safe until you move back home.

You can also use it if you need to move to another country like for quite some time. Instead of bringing all your belongings, you can leave those that you are not too necessary in a storage unit.

For Business Use
You may not believe it, but storage units can be used for business needs. Here are some of the reasons:

1. For seasonal businesses
If your business is reliant to seasons or festivals such as Christmas, Summer, Valentine’s Day or any other holidays, you can use a storage unit to temporarily keep your properties – and to make sure that it will still be healthy to use when the next season arrives.

What can I store at Mandarin Self Storage?
• Generally, you can store any item in your unit as long as it fits within the area. Perishable items such as fresh food, vegetables, or any kind of porous/loosely packaged food are not permitted. You cannot store any form of flammable/hazardous liquids that could combust when heat is applied. Illegal prohibited items are strictly forbidden. Click for full list of prohibited goods.

2. Use it as a warehouse
Many small entrepreneurs now are venturing to online selling or online shops. These businesses are mostly retail services that sells clothing, accessories, etc. So, instead of stuffing your home with inventories and products, you can rent a storage unit where you can keep all of it. You can even organize it like a shop and divide it based on categories. With that, you are sure that it’s safe, and your business will be more systemized. Plus a storage unit is way cheaper than renting a huge warehouse, especially for startup businesses. This can help you save money while you are still starting your business.

Medium Business

3. When decluttering and archiving
If you lack space in the office and you need to organize your records but you can’t trash any paperwork yet, you can use a storage unit to keep those documents and other stuff sage and preserved. Rental of centralized location offices are generally more expensive, by storing documents away which you do not need to frequently access, you do not need to look for bigger offices which eventually increase your rental therefore reduce costs.

There’s more, actually.
The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more reasons that a storage unit can be a necessity. Let’s just put it this way. Every storage company in Singapore have spaces that you can fill with anything that you want to keep safe for a period of time – may it be for business or for personal use.

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