We know, each stage/event in your life is unique to you and for each of these life stages, Mandarin Storage will always provide you with the right household & personal storage options.

getting married icon


Moving in with the in-laws? Keep a storage room for yourself and store your personal items at Mandarin Self Storage.


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Have a new born on the way? Make space and create a nursery. Move your hobbies, heirlooms, collections, books and clothes into your nearest Mandarin Self Storage space.


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Renovating your existing flat is a big project. You need to protect your home furnishing from damage and ensure they do not get in the way of your contractors. You will never know your items are handled with care throughout the process, so we strongly recommend that you store your furniture in a storage facility. We offer minimum monthly rental fees and a free van to help transport your furniture into Singapore’s top rated storage unit.

Residential Storage Options


Start afresh by archiving your old items away.
When you use Mandarin Self Storage, we will
always have a storage unit for you.


Tombstone With Cross


A departed loved one often leaves us heirlooms
and memories, which they would like us to keep. Mandarin Self Storage can house these precious possessions in a safe and secure environment for
as long as you need.


Collector Item Storage Icon


Do you enjoy collecting limited edition collectibles but often do not have enough personal storage room at home? You can now expand your collection from storing toys, music equipment, sports equipment, bicycle or any thing you wish to collect.



Do you travel frequently and do not own any permanent accommodation? Where then can you
keep your stuff accumulated over the years? By utilizing our storage, we offer you at a long-term storage price every month!



You are asked by your boss to transfer out of Singapore for work. What’s your next step? Selling your place at the right price? Or renting it out to receive income? Nevertheless what your decision is, you should store away our furniture and fixtures at a top rated storage rental facility in Singapore for safekeeping until you can get back and settle for you.



Downsizing into a smaller home has become a trend in recent years, often as a retirement strategy to retire cash rich. But how do you fit the stuff from your larger home in the new, smaller place? Other than getting rid of your stuff, you can also store your stuff as a long-term cost-effective option for items which are expensive to buy again in future.