For ages, the fragility of an item is sometimes very closely intertwined with elegance and class. And that includes your fragile glassware, antiques, dinnerware, and even electronics. Whether you are moving house or simply just redecorating, investing to protect your fragile items is highly advisable.


Be it a furniture or a collection, you will have a stress-free move when you know how to handle them and not worry about every slightest hump your transportation is going over during the shifting. One of the best ways to ensure that is to have a unit for self-storage in Singapore near your new place to minimize movement of such fragile items!


Scouting the routes from your home to your self-storage unit will help you avoid roads with several bumps in the road, literally and figuratively. When you know the best and safest route with little road humps or less traffic, it does not entirely assure that your fragile items can avoid damage. Hence, from the get-go, you must have already secured them with proper packaging and handling because it would protect them from the slightest bump during transport and preserve their condition when in storage.


How to Handle Fragile Items


Fragile items have significant value. Whether they are a family heirloom or a gift from a friend, seeing them break would also cause your heart to break. Here is how you can avoid that on your way to your furniture storage unit:




Prepare before packing


Planning is a crucial part of packing. When you have an idea of what item is delicate, you can come up with a strategy on how you can pack them with similar objects. Remember that preparation is the key, so dedicate time to categorising your fragile items!



Invest in packing paper and bubble wrap


A seat is more comfortable with a cushion. For fragile items, the cushion needed are packing paper and bubble wrap. These are shock-absorbing layers that can keep your item from colliding with other items during the transportation, preventing a breakage. Meanwhile, bubble wraps provide additional insulation to safeguard your items while transport and during their stay in your personal storage in Singapore!


Always go vertical


From plates to mirrors, you must never lay them down at the bottom of the box. They must be packed in a vertical position, and securely wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap. Not only will it limit the amount of shaking inside the box, but it will also help you use space efficiently.




Use original boxes for electronics


While you go through an assortment of boxes for your non-electronic but fragile items, you must be critical in securing your electronics. As much as possible, if you still have them in storage, you should use the original box of your TV, monitors, oven, among other electronics. It will keep them safe during transportation and storage time. 


Label, label, label


The last thing you want to happen is to see your movers carelessly flip and throw the boxes you know contain fragile items in your furniture storage in Singapore. To avoid that from happening, you must not forget to clearly label your boxes. They will know which boxes need exceptional care.




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Moving houses and reorganising your interior can get too overwhelming. Thus, it is better to minimise frustrations and reduce anxiety by handling your fragile items correctly to make your move a success!


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