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Do you have what it takes to bid at Auction for a storage unit?

Mandarin Self Storage will hold their Spring Auctions this October:

Auction 1 (21 Oct 2020)
MSS Hougang 91 Defu Lane 10 Starts at 10.30am

Auction 2 (22 Oct 2020) 
MSS Toh Tuck (20 Old Toh Tuck) – Starts at 10.30AM
MSS Marsiling (26 Riverside Road) Starts at 2.30 PM

Auction 3 (23 Oct 2020)

MSS Jurong (10 Chia Ping Road) – Starts at 10.30AM

MSS Bukit Batok (9 Bukit Batok St 22) Starts at 2.30 PM

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Here are the basic rules:

  • All transactions are to be paid in cash and to be made on the same day.
  • 10% of the successful bid price needs to be paid separately to the auctioneer as a commission.
  • Bidders are not allowed to enter into the storage unit.
  • Bidders are not allowed to take pictures or talk to each other during the bidding process
  • Successful bidders needs to remove all items from the unit within the day.
  • The property manager reserves all rights to refuse entry to any participants and to change the rules of engagement deemed necessary to protect the safety of all those participating in the event.

COVID-19 Rules

  • All bidder needs to SAFEENTRY and must have downloaded a trace together app.
  • Temperature taking needs to happen and face masks are mandatory.
  • Each bidder must be alone and no companion are allowed for the viewing and bidding.
  • At any one time, we will allow only 5 bidders to proceed up to the units for viewing.
  • Bidding will be done immediately after viewing the unit. This will be done in front of the storage unit.
  • Successful bidder with the highest bid will get to empty out the unit.
  • In the event there are more than 5 bidders, we will break them up into groups. Each group will take turn to view the units and shall not consist more than 5 people at any one time.
  • The bidder with the highest bid would be pasted on the storage unit door, as a reference for the NEXT group viewing and bidding for the unit.


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