When we store paperwork or documents that we no longer actively use, archiving them in business storage units in Singapore is the best way to preserve them. Any worker knows that paperwork can get a little out of hand in the office, especially when transactions are both paper-based and digital-based. One can neglect the other, but that should not be the case. Paper-based documents are as important as digital copies of it, and it needs to be preserved the right way.

Through self-storage units, you can meet the regulatory requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act, save space in the office, and improve workflow and performance! Once you got a unit you can use, you must know some tips to help you store your documents properly:


1. Assign categories

Even when you are keeping your documents for storage, it does not mean you may never need to look for them again. To get through the piles of paper, arranging them according to certain categories before storing them is a good starting point. It will be easy for you to keep relevant documents side by side!


2. Invest in a filing cabinet

When you get a storage space rental in Singapore, you are free to put whatever furniture you need to organise your files. Think of filing cabinets, shelves, metal drawers, among other furniture where your documents can fit. With these, you can sort the categories with much ease. 


Adding a splash of colour to your filing system not only brightens the room but can also make your piles of documents distinguishable from each other. Colour-coded documents have always helped identify one from the other. 


3. Put silica gel packets

Moisture is the culprit of many products that spoil, mould and degrade over time. Your self-storage unit should not have excessive moisture levels that can ruin your important documents, especially if you want to preserve their mint condition. What you can do to protect them is to store them with bags of silica beads. Packets of silica gel are odourless substances that act as a drying agent that can remove or absorb moisture. Hence, it would help in keeping your documents protected from absorbing too much moisture that can ruin them. 


4. Delegate someone to maintain them

An employee who can monitor and maintain the organised system of your document in the self-storage company would help detect and prevent storing problems. Let them come and assess the situation of your company’s documents regularly to see if nothing is out of place or missing. They will also be responsible for the security of your unit, so you and you will know who to find when they need to access an old document.


Mandarin Self Storage as Your Reliable Storage Facility

Good security and multiple size options are the excellent qualities we have here in Mandarin Self Storage. We pride ourselves on being a reliable document storage company in Singapore because we have a complimentary co-working space where your employees can convene when they get essential documents in your unit!


Trust that our price match programs and online size estimator can give you the most suitable storage space that your business needs. Hence, you will not regret choosing us as your storage partner today!


If you want to know more about our SME business storage units, you may contact us on our website so we can get started in finding you the best unit we have available!