Redesigning and organising a household of adults to a home with a baby is a huge transition that soon-to-be-parents need to prepare for. If you are one of them, you and your partner would want to ensure that your home is adequately baby-proofed. Baby-proofing a home is a process wherein you design your space to be safe for an infant before they learn how to crawl. It is recommended to start redecorating or organising spaces before the baby comes since it would lessen your worries when your little one officially comes home. There are plenty of ways to do that, but securing furniture storage in Singapore is a must if you want to keep fragile heirlooms and other items that can pose a risk to the safety of your baby.




Follow these ways on how you can baby-proof your home:


Declutter as early as now


Seeing lots of clutter around your home can cause stress for both parents. You and your partner might be running in and out of rooms picking things up that your crawling baby may encounter that could be dangerous for their health. These may be:


  • Small objects that your baby can swallow or choke on
  • Tangled cords that could trap their arms or legs causing an accident
  • Sharp furniture edges that can give them scars
  • Poisonous household items, such as cleaning supplies


To ensure that they would not encounter these, decluttering by only choosing essential things and baby safe is what you should do. If you do not have extra rooms in your home, a storage warehouse can come in handy since it can hide these unnecessary items away from your baby until they grow up!




Invest in baby gates


There are rooms in our homes that we cannot simply redesign to be child-safe, such as the kitchen. What you can do is to assign and create safe areas within your home where your baby can stay. Usually, these would be their bedroom, playroom, and living room. You can secure these areas by installing small gates that prevent them from going anywhere else. Additionally, it would keep them from climbing stairs or playing with dangerous equipment that is reachable.


These small gates might not be useful after your baby grows up and knows how to walk or jump over things, but you may still keep them in your storage facilities in Singapore! It would be useful to have a storage space where you can keep cribs, walkers, and other baby necessities so you can use them again if you ever decide to have another baby in the future. 


Store away memorabilia


From family photographs, trophies, collections, and artworks, you must keep them safe from your baby. Instead of stacking your antique book collection on top of tall cabinets to avoid them from getting damaged, it is better to choose to keep them in a storage facility. There, you can rent climate-controlled spaces to keep them safe from moisture that can damage them. Remember that electronics, pristine photo cards, and artworks are sensitive to extreme heat, cold, or humidity. A well-circulated air in a storage space would not only help in keeping you and your precious items safe, but it would also make your house baby-proof!




Baby-Proofing Your Home with Mandarin Self Storage


Your home would not be the same way after you have had children, but it would only take a few years for them to grow up and understand that some items in your home should not be played with. Having a unit at our storage facilities in Singapore can serve as your extra space where you can temporarily keep your home equipment that is not safe for a toddler.


Here, at Mandarin Self Storage, you can easily select units that are suitable for heirlooms and other household items that could potentially increase the risk of accidents for your baby. As a parent, you would want your baby to grow up in a safe and secured home before they even learn how to say their first words or learn how to walk. Thus, you can trust that you can start home safety with our storage facilities.


If you want to get the rates of storage units, you can learn more about them on our website today!