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If you have visited any museum of ancient art pieces, you might have wondered how a hundred-year-old painting can be so well preserved and almost untouched after the test of time. Well, the quickest answer to your wonder is good preservation. Before you think about keeping your paintings and photographs in any storage spaces, you must know about renting an aircon storage space in Singapore.


A self-storage space is not exclusive to just businesses or to big families who are moving houses. You can rent a unit to store loved one’s stuff after they pass on or keep your art collection if you no longer have space in your home. Once you choose to get a space for your artworks, you should also know that it is not simple as leaning your painting against a storage unit wall and call it a day. You must know that there are specific conditions that every artwork needs.


If you want to know the safer ways of preserving your artworks in a storage rental, you should follow these tips!


1. Learn the room’s humidity levels


Oil and acrylic paintings can deteriorate when it is in an environment that has high humidity levels. It produces a chemical reaction that can be damaging to your artwork and your frame. Hence, you should pay attention to your self-storage’s humidity level. Ideally, it should be at approximately 55%. A device called a hygrometer will help you measure the inherent moisture of your space to know if it is a safe environment for your pieces of art!


Digital Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer Room


 2. Keep your space cool, dark, and dry


With the concern of the previous tip, you must choose a storage company in Singapore that provides air-conditioned units. Ideally, your art is in a cool place with minimal temperature fluctuations. Aside from that, ensure that you close the light in your unit when you are not around because light can fade the colours of your photographs and paintings.

Some storage unit owners would set up black curtains around their unit to keep their place dark. What you can do, as well, is to cover them with an acid-free cloth or leave the artwork in its travel packaging.


3. Do not put them on top of each other


A canvas is an absorbent material. Hence, if you lay it on the ground, it will likely absorb dampness from the storage flooring or other materials. To prevent distortion and possible damage, you should use a rack to keep your artwork off the ground and each other.


 Head Of A Statue In A Solander Box

4. Invest in solander boxes


If you have more than paintings, a solander box would be an excellent investment for your old comic books, photographs, small statues, among other small pieces of art. These are acid-free book-form cases that collectors or conservationists use to store their old but valuable documents. 


When you have filled them up with art pieces, ensure that you have a proper shelf in your storage spaces to keep them in an upright position. Of course, do not forget to label them. It would make it easy for you to pull a box out if you need some prints that are inside it. 



5. Do not forget about them

It is a terrible habit of many self-storage unit owners to toss things in their space and forget about them. Take time off, and come back to enjoy your art pieces from time to time. Remember that potential hazards cannot be monitored, but they can be prevented with regular visits. Keep an eye out for signs of moisture or even pests, and make corrections immediately!



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Remember that the storage rental price in Singapore is worth the investment to preserve your artworks. They are valuable, and not only because they can be sold at a high price but because you have made and collected them with love. Working with our storage professional here at Mandarin Self-Storage will help you with preserving your art for many years to come!

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