It’s typical for a family to have a garage filled with plastic bins and cardboard boxes stuffed with old kids’ clothes, toys, and other child-related items—cribs, bassinets, car seats, and art supplies, to name a few.

If you’re in such a familiar situation, it’s also likely that you have more outfits that your little one has already outgrown in the drawers and are waiting to be tucked away.

Such a case probably stems from every parent’s instinct to save all the kid’s clothes to pass them to future children and it’s these situations that can make it worthwhile to store baby items in a storage space facility in Singapore. However, how do you know when it’s better to keep baby items than throw them out after your child’s done with it? Here are a few things to think through:

  • Is it worth keeping?
  • Could someone else use these?
  • How much storage do you have?

While contemplating these questions, it’s also worth to think about which baby items you should consider placing in a storage unit in Singapore—and with that, we listed some of the essentials:

What You Should Keep for Future Kids


A baby picking up his toy trucks and putting it to a storage boxA knitted pink baby shoes with cute owl design placed above some soft fabrics which is folded properly.A mother checking on her baby in a stroller under maple trees during fall

  1. Baby Gear – Bassinets, cribs, car seats, high chairs, and strollers are some of the baby items that you can use for the next kid, provided that they are still in great condition, aren’t past their expiry yet, and fall within safety regulations.
  2. Gender-Neutral Clothing and Bed Linens – You’ll never know whether you’ll have a boy or girl in the future thus, keeping gender-neutral clothing is a practical idea. The same goes for neutral-coloured linens—blankets, pillow covers, and swaddles.
  3. Books & Toys – Keep your kid’s books and toys—wooden blocks, toy trucks, and dolls—in storage, as well. However, make sure to store only those that have all the parts intact and remove any batteries in the toys before putting them away.

Before and after image of a house that used storage units for keeping their old baby items to tidy their home.
Why You Should Store Baby Items in Storage

Statistics show that it costs an average of $60,000* to raise a child in Singapore for just two years. This amount includes infant care, healthcare, essentials—formula, clothes, diapers, bathing needs—and baby gear including walker, playpen, stroller, carrier, and car seat to name a few.


With that being the case, renting a storage unit to store baby items can be way cheaper than discarding them and buying new ones for a new baby in the future. What’s more, as opposed to storing these items at home, using a storage facility can free up more space in your place for more valuable items at the present. It also offers a range of value-added benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Easy Access
  • Advanced Security
  • No Security Deposit
  • Affordable Monthly Payment
  • Flexible Sizes

How to Store Baby Items in Storage

To conclude, below are some of the best ways to organise baby gear, clothes, books, and toys for future use.

Wash Everything Before Storing: Wash clothes, linens, and any detachable fabric from the baby gear before storing. This step may seem like worth skipping considering that you’ll rewash them before reusing in the future. However, if there are any odours or stains, they may become permanent or worse, end up attracting bugs and rodents.

Sort Items into Categories: Organise clothes according to size, type, and season. While at it, sort books into categories such as board books, picture books, easy reader books, and chapter books. For toys, on the other hand, group small parts together and store them in Ziploc bags.

Place the Items in Labelled Storage Bins: Finally, store these categorised items into separate bins. If the size of your storage unit allows, you can further organise these bins with racks, partitions or any other storage equipment available for better storing.

Keeping your baby items in the storage unit organised will make sure that your future baby will never miss out an opportunity to wear the clothes and use the items you’ve stored carefully for years.

If you have plans of expanding your family in the future, store your baby items in a unit at Mandarin Self Storage. With a commitment to security and protection of your belongings, we offer affordable storage units without locking you up in a long-term lease.

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