What happens when your children grown up and move out on their own?

Is this the right time to declutter your home?

A Decluttered Home Saves Time

Clutter creates stress in your life. The stress surfaces not just when you’ve lost something but also with the constant reminder of living in chaos in your home. The more you keep, the more space you need. When you have too much clutter, you will always be looking for stuff especially when labelling is not in place. Removing the clutter is the first step to knowing where to find all your possessions.

The sentimental side of stuff

When your kids are young, you spend time nurturing them, now that they are all grown up and move out. The empty nest must have accumulated lots of stuff. Their toys they used to play with and could not let go, the uniform when they first wore to high school on first day, fictional story books you used to read them, or even holiday decorations like Christmas tree you used to decorate together. These are the sentimental side of things which you do not wish to discard as they form fond memories.

Moving On and preparing for retirement

Perhaps the best way is to start decluttering your house and organise your stuff in boxes. Sentimental items which you can’t discard has to be kept away somewhere. The best place is to keep them in an extra store room like an extension of your home. Once this is completed, you can now enjoy the a happy, clutter free living space!

When it comes to your retirement, you have options, you can down size to a smaller flat, or consider renting out 1-2 empty rooms in your current place.
See, declutter earns you new ways to earn some income ! 😊

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Photo credits: teksomolika