The Chinese New Year is here!

It’s that time of the year again when we take the time off to spend quality time with our loved ones—travel abroad, go on vacation, and attend reunions to name a few. But along with the festivities, we also take the days preceding the holiday as an opportunity to spring clean.

As the elderly say, spring cleaning is a way to sweep out the old to usher in the new. The goal here is to rid your home of any bad energy it has accumulated in the past year so it can welcome luck, health, and prosperity; and make sure they hang around for the rest of the year.

However, while it’s a tradition, many of us are still struggling to find the time to do it—or in this case, finish it in time for the holiday. You see, spring cleaning doesn’t have to take up the most of your vacation. As a storage rental company in Singapore, we share some ways to cut cleaning time in half.

Easy Spring Cleaning Guide for the Lunar New Year


  1. Set a Schedule

With so much to be done, you have to make sure that you will finish spring cleaning in time. Here, you’ll want to schedule cleaning room by room, starting from the kitchen and working your way into the living room then the bedrooms. This will not only keep everything in check, but will also help you avoid going back and forth while cleaning, creating more clutter in the process.

  1. Prepare the Cleaning Tools
    There are several household cleaning tools in the market, each designed to help you cut off cleaning time as compared to when you do things manually. Make sure you invest in the right tools and cleaning products; keep them at the ready so you’ll not have to waste time walking back and forth to get them.
  1. Declutter

Also part of the pre-cleaning process is decluttering. Here, you’ll want to put away as much stuff that’s keeping you from getting any clean done: old furniture, broken appliances, clothes, papers, and other miscellaneous items. You’ll find a storage space rental helpful to temporarily keep these items away. You can always pull them out of the storage unit later to sort through.

  • What items can you store in a storage unit?

You’ll find a storage unit helpful to temporarily keep these as much stuff that’s keeping you from getting any cleaning done: old furniture, broken appliances, clothes, papers, and other miscellaneous items.

During Cleaning

4. Clean From Top to Bottom

For the actual cleaning, work your way from a room after room; from the ceiling down. This will keep you from having to re-dust, as dust and other debris are forced downward. Meanwhile, make sure to dust your furniture and the rest of the surfaces before sweeping or vacuuming the floors.

  1. Re-Organise

As you continue cleaning, take the opportunity to re-organise and make small changes to set a new tone for the new year. Replace your bedding, towels, table linens, and preferably the window treatments with a fresh one. You might as well further organise your home, by looking for opportunities to put other items into a storage unit.

Organising and Decluttering: Where a Storage Unit Can Help

Spring cleaning is about renewal and reorganising your home to welcome the new season. As mentioned earlier, placing unnecessary items in storage can speed up the cleaning process. But, for the long-term, it can also help you maximise valuable space at home and keep things organised throughout the year.

Below are some other ways you can utilise a self-storage unit:

Store away large and seasonal items: Put away seldom-items in a storage unit and sort them by season. These include Christmas decorations, sports gear, and cleaning equipment to name a few. This will not only make cleaning easier but it can also extend their life, as they’re protected from damaging factors such as extreme weather and pests.

Donate, sell, or store
: In the middle of your cleaning, you’ll find items that you’re not sure what to do with yet. Do you want to get rid of them; donate, sell, or keep them? If you’re not yet ready to part with them, you can always put them in a short-term storage rental until you’re ready to make a decision.

Before and after image of a house that used storage units for keeping their old baby items to tidy their home.These tips are great to kickstart a faster and more efficient spring cleaning. But, for the ultimate secret to cut cleaning time in half, keep your home from getting too dirty in the first place.

Clean as often as possible and you’ll have less to do before Chinese New Year. All it takes to cut cleaning time is some careful planning and in some cases, a storage unit to give you the much needed extra space for your excess stuff.

Ready to get started with your spring cleaning? Explore your storage options to clear up your home with Mandarin Self Storage.

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