moving boxes for storage in singapore

You may consider to check out some short-term storage rental options in Singapore if you have plans of moving to a new home. It’s a convenient way of temporarily storing your belongings while you prepare for the actual moving date.


When availing for short-term storage, there are a few tips and tricks to follow to make sure you will get your money’s worth. Although they also apply for long-term storage rentals, some points differ given that the situation only requires you to leave your belongings for a limited time. 


  • Flexible Payments


Not all moving arrangements go according to the plan. A typical moving delay scenario happens when a sale is made for a residential property, but the buyer suddenly backs out after securing an OTP  or Option to Purchase. If your plan was to use the payment to secure a home deposit , this might be delayed if you are unable to receive the payment from your buyer. 


If your moving date gets pushed back, you would have to extend your storage rental period. Thus, it is important to choose a flexible payment plan if you need just a temporary place for your items. It allows you to enjoy “month-to-month” leases in which you get to request to change the rental terms every time you extend for another month. 


Also, to get to most of your money, try to look for self-storage facilities in Singapore that are experienced in providing short-term storage services. They will most likely provide fees that are more favourable for customers who are looking for this a short term storage service. 


  • Accessibility


Since there is still no definite moving date yet, try to look for easily accessible storage facilities. Somewhere you can visit any day of the week. You might need to suddenly retrieve your belongings because you got lucky enough to find another buyer right away. And this time, they paid the remaining downpayment to exercise the OTP. Soon, you’ll complete the reselling process, and finally move to your new home!


Thus, to make things less troublesome  and stressful before the move, choose storage units which you can access anytime you want. Those that do not require extra fees or complicated processes before accessing it. 


  • Transit Services


Take into account the process of bringing back all of your stuff from your rented storage unit. Again, you have to be prepared because you might need to move immediately. So, check first if the storage warehouse in Singapore provides additional services like a transport service because it will make things faster for picking up and delivering items. At Mandarin Self Storage, we offer free van services and a driver to help you with your moving! 


  • Safety


Of course, you have to make sure your items are safe and intact once you come back for them. Thus, see to it that their storage facilities have tight security systems. Not only that, but you also have to check if they have temperature-controlled units to keep your sensitive items in good condition. 


Before you decide to temporarily put your items in a self-storage unit, consider following these tips above! It will help you avoid encountering stressful situations before moving to your new home!


If you need to rent a storage space in Singapore, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Mandarin Self Storage!