Storage rental is such a hit in Singapore. Many businesses, and even individuals, are using storage facilities for many of their needs. It’s a great way to free up some space in the house or use it as an extra room to keep your belongings for short or long term. But, there’s more than just owning a storage unit than you are probably aware of.

To make sure that you are not making mistakes when you are renting a storage facility in Singapore, here are some tips on the dos and donts of a storage unit owner.

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When choosing a unit

DO: Make sure that it’s a reliable storage company. Imagine, you are entrusting your belongings to a stranger so you have to consider the credibility of the storage company. Also, before you find a unit, make sure to create an inventory of the things that you want to store. It’s actually beneficial both ways – you can keep it as your own record to make sure that nothing gets lost and you can estimate the size of the unit that you need.

DON’T: Never rush searching for a unit. Make a plan and choose wisely. You don’t want to be left with no choice just because you didn’t plan it right away. Check all the factors that can affect your experience – from the size, to the location, and down to the price, give yourself some time to evaluate each option. Also, instead of just believing what you read on the Internet, it’s also wiser to ask some friends and relatives for recommendation.


When packing your belongings

Packing Things

DO: Be organised. Create a strategy when packing your belongings and do not just throw your stuff in the boxes. It’s advisable to label each box so it will be easier for you locate your things, and to identify which of those are fragile and which is not. Also, labeling your boxes makes it easier for you to unpack if and when you need to do it in the storage room. Moreover, be smart when packing. Do not put the delicate items at the bottom of the box so it will be safe. Basically, just be organised.

DO: Insurance is a must. Make sure that your items are insured or that your insurance covers personal properties that are kept in a storage unit. So that whatever happens, you are protected.

DON’T: If it’s too valuable, consider just keeping it in your home. I understand that storage units are secured and they have all the security facilities, but if it’s something like an heirloom or a precious item, consider leaving it at home. Also, avoid randomly storing anything and everything. If possible, find a reason why you need a storage unit and be specific on what you will store there. In that way, the place will always be in order. Random craps can’t just ruin other belongings and you don’t want that to happen. And most importantly, never store perishable items.

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MUST: Protect your items for any damages. Make sure to cover or wrap your things with blankets or moving pads or bubble wraps. You don’t know what elements could damage it when it’s on transit and when it’s stored.

Security tip when owning storage unit

DO: Even if the storage company has their own security, still make sure to have your own security measure. Purchase your own lock and secure your unit. Individual unit comes with a door alarm as an additional layer of security measure. The storage company may know when you open or close your door.

DON’T: Limit the number of people that has access to your unit. In that way, you will not worry too much when something went missing. Many bad people know that a storage unit has important items in it, so the more people who has access to it, the riskier it is. You should choose a storage company that has a reliable security system that has the ability to preventing tailgating of people accessing the unit by activating the door alarm. For instance, you did not check into the building by entering the pin code, if you tailgate someone into the storage area and you open your unit, the door will be activated.


Be a smart storage unit owner!

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Owning a unit is no joke. It requires a lot of responsibility as well. Consider the storage unit as an extension of your home, and extend the care that you give to it. Ask help from one of the most trusted storage companies in Singapore and know more about renting your own storage unit.

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