With retail stores closing by the dozen, and owners unable to keep pace with continued rent rises from landlords, a number of SME’s are now adopting the Amazon approach to running their business.

The new way to sell is a combination of web, warehouse, administration and logistics. Mandarin Self Storage believes this is a growing trend in how SME’s will work to deliver their products and services.

In response to this shift, Mandarin Self Storage is pioneering a business model to help facilitate SME’s to start and grow their businesses. The company now provides customers with options for micro-warehouses, open plan office space to co-work in for administration purposes and they can organize logistics and customer deliveries.

Mandarin Self Storage’s offering is scalable allowing all SME’s to be incubated in micro – warehouses from 25sq.ft to 250 sq.ft.

Director of Communications, Elizabeth Miller, says, “For the first time SME’s have a great platform to grow their business. Finding the right small scale solution for their warehouse, office and logistical needs is very difficult. At Mandarin Self Storage our solutions are small, scalable and only require a one month commitment, which is perfect for the SME watching their finances and tentative about their future.”

This weekend, Saturday December 9, will mark the first open house at Mandarin Self Storage in Hougang, where customers will showcase their products and services directly to the public.  Hailed as the inaugural Mandarin Christmas Market Fair,  the companies, who store with Mandarin, photographers, writers, and fashion designers, will open their doors to the people of Singapore.

Miller says, “ It really is a Christmas fair put on to acknowledge our supportive customers and help them and us develop a community of SME’s and possibly inspire the next generation of SME’s to have a go and start their business at Mandarin Self Storage.”

The event is being supported by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and the Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore. Participants include, leading Singapore brands such as Global Babe, Darsala, Shopping at Tiffany’s, Thermomix, The Big Blow, The Flower Addict, and Mita Kelder Photography, to name a few.

As for the companies who store with Mandarin, Anne- Charlotte Saglio, from Darsala, says, “ Running our organisation here, is incredible, we get to meet and collaborate with other like minded companies, and we all support one another in the world of business”

Mandarin Self Storage has four locations in Singapore, with further expansion plans. The aim of the business is to act as storage space for the general public but incubate small and medium size companies supporting them with networking, events, and logistics.

The Mandarin Christmas Fair will be held this Saturday 9 December, from 9 am – 5 pm, at Mandarin Self Storage, 91 Defu Lane 10, Hougang. Singapore. 539221


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Elizabeth Miller, Communications Director, Mandarin Self Storage.

PH: 8649 7760.

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