Self storage is the concept of storage space rental in Singapore. The concept of storage space rental is like your home extension which you can use for your personal or business storage.

Reasons of using Self Storage
When you want to protect your furniture/items during renovation, or you have a personal hobby collection which you wish to preserve. You can use it to declutter or stage your home when living spaces gets smaller or simply when you are moving to another milestone in life, Eg. Making space for a baby room

Storage is a proven real estate solution. Storage is used when you need extra room to store your household belongings or business inventories.

Storage comes in the form of storage units (people also call them a room, an extra space, a bin or a locker). Storage is an individual room or storage unit with four walls, a ceiling and a door, which you secure with your own padlock and maintain access and control over.

Storage comes in a large number of different sizes to meet your storage needs.

Storage rooms can start in size from 12 to 25 sq.ft and range all the way up to 250 to 300 sq.ft and there are many different sizes in between. There is always a storage size(s) we can find to fit your requirements.

Customers use the storage by agreement with Mandarin Self Storage. The Standard Storage Agreement is a month-to-month contract with the minimum term of one month and no limit on how long you can rent. A customer can upsize or downsize their storage size or relocate at any time they choose.

A customer may use Self Storage to store anything they like so long as the items are non perishable or not considered a hazardous material (HAZMAT).

Customers pay for their Self Storage month by month and in advance.

When you no longer need to use your storage, simply give us 14 days notice and you can move out.

It really is very simple.